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Ensaf Haidar, wife of blogger Raif Badawi, says she won’t stop fighting for his freedom. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

Yesterday morning, I read the News in complete disbelief. How could they?

Raif Badawi had been accused of insulting Islam, but it is my understanding that he now stands accused of committing apostasy, or renouncing his faith. If he is found guilty, the sentence will be death by beheading. That is the law.

If apostasy there is and the Saudis find Raif guilty, the Saudis, not Raif, will have committed apostasy. In other words, Allah is not asking for the blood of an innocent man. Men are, and men can be merciless. That is their only might. God, however, is infinite mercy.

According to this morning’s paper, there was some effort to free Raif on the part of Ottawa, Canada’s federal government.

I doubt that there will be justice for Raif. Not now that he stands accused of apostasy. Yet, we must continue to hope and fight. Ensaf Haidar, Raif’s wife, is alive, and so are three small children. They need our support.

There have been miracles.

With my kindest regards to all of you. 

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© Micheline Walker
3 March 2015