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President Barack Obama

Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America


Three Flags, Jasper Johns, 1958, Whitney Museum of American Art (Photo credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Flag Vase, Jasper Johns, Joseph K Levene Fine Art, Ltd

Flag Vase, Jasper Johns, 2000 (linocut) (Photo Credit Joseph K Levene Fine Art, Ltd)


I am not an American citizen
We jumped for joy

I have received several messages asking that I make donations to President Obama‘s political campaign in the United States. I cannot do so because I am not an American citizen. My grandfather was an American citizen, but I was born in Canada. I have tried to make donations, but my money was rejected.

However, I want to state that I am a non-American supporter of President Obama. I fear the conflict in the Middle East will not be solved militarily, but I do not possess sufficient information to oppose President Obama’s involvement. In fact, I have no reason to think President Obama is acting irresponsibly. I can trust him and I believe President Obama found himself in a position that did not allow him to keep out of the coalition battling demented terrorists: Isil/Isis.

I have been watching President Obama since 4 November 2008 and everyone I know admires and respects President Obama. In my opinion, he may well be one of the United States’ best Presidents. In fact, he may prove to have been the best. I love the way he treated former President George W. Bush. He treated him as a President should be treated. He was very polite. And he treated him in a manner Jesus of Nazareth would like: forgivingly. The attacks of 11 September 2001 were destabilizing, to say the least.

On 6 November 2012, we were jumping for joy. Americans had elected the better candidate.

Were President Obama not at the helm, the world could well be facing its worst financial crisis ever. The success of an economy is based, to a large extent, on reliability. President Obama is trustworthy. He looks before he leaps, which is very wise.

Voter Suppression

Ethical behaviour

What President Obama wants is security and stability for his people. The Affordable Care Act is proof of this. If President Obama could, he would do even more, but Congress is dysfunctional. Mr. Boehner is suing President Obama, thereby ignoring the fact that Barack Obama is the duly-elected President of the United States of America.  He was chosen by the people without using unethical means, such as voter purges.

Welfare for the Wealthy

Opposition to the Affordable Health Care
Demand for tax cuts
Debt ceiling crises
Obstructionism and Scapegoating

Let it be widely known that Mr. Boehner wants tax cuts for the wealthy and opposes the Affordable Health Care Act because there may be a rise in taxes. If taxes are raised, it will not be by a large amount and it will be for the better. It will ensure affordable healthcare for all Americans and save many from bankruptcy and, possibly, death. Besides, in no way should the poor and the middle-class support the wealthy.

I do not support politicians whose main concern is obtaining tax cuts for the wealthy and are therefore trying to sabotage the Affordable Health Care Act because the wealthy may have to pay higher taxes. In this regard, the debt-ceiling crisis of 2013 and the government shutdown were the last straw. That crisis was a form of blackmail and it cost American citizens billions. Congress had derailed.

When the debt ceiling has to be raised, one raises it. The alternative is unthinkable.

President Obama has been subjected to systematic obstructionism and scapegoating. Whatever he does is condemned. He is not paid the respect he deserves by virtue of his position, wisdom and leadership.


Detail of Flag (1954-55). Museum of Modern Art, New York City. This image illustrates Johns’ early technique of painting with thick, dripping encaustic over a collage made from found materials such as newspaper. This rough method of construction is rarely visible in photographic reproductions of his work. (Caption and photo credit: Wikipedia)


If President Obama were not at the helm, the world would live in fear of hasty decisions and a total economic collapse. Too many Americans would carry lethal weapons. A woman’s health concerns would not be respected. The poor and the middle-class would be poorer. The minimum wage would not be raised. There would be no social programmes protecting the citizens of the United States. The United States would be governed not by a polite and exceptionally gifted statesman, but by mere politicians shooting from the hip.

Imagine! Mr. Boehner would kill himself if the minimum wage were increased. Are Americans to return to the days of slavery?

Dear Barbra

One letter came from Barbra Streisand. Barbra, I doubt that you will ever read this post, but I will say nevertheless that I am a supporter of President Obama. I love his manner, his humility, his compassion, his brilliant intellect, but most importantly, I know that he cares for the people: the poor, the disabled, the sick, the middle-class homeowner, the children who need good schools and good teachers.

I trust the citizens of the United States will not let themselves be bought. There are anti-tax extremists in the United States, but there are people who can see greed and selfishness, where there is greed and selfishness. There is an élite. They may or may not be affluent, but their integrity cannot be doubted. Barbra, you are part of this élite.

You are so right about Congress. In my opinion, it is a perfect storm.

I apologize for not posting sooner. There is a crisis in my family. However, the bigger crises are taking place in the Middle East and the United States.

Please accept my kindest regards.

Paul Robeson sings “Let my people go”


© Micheline Walker
October 21, 2014
Updated Oct. 22, 2014