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Delphiniums, A. J. Casson


I wish to thank WordPress author Andrés Cifuentes for nominating me for the above prize. I am most thankful for this nomination. I have discovered little treasures on Mr. Andrés’ site, a site he shares with colleagues.

There are rules attached to premios (prizes) one of which is to nominate other colleagues. Whom does one chose? Every text unveils a vision that is both unique and universal.

I will nominate persons whose posts I follow, or try to. However, I will not ask that you to nominate anyone for this prize unless you wish to do so. Some of you haven’t the time to nominate 15 colleagues. I hope I am not offending Mr. Cifuentes. Days go by at an alarming rate.

I had a birthday in July, on the same day of the month as Jean de La Fontaine. He will live forever in the fables to which he imparted eternity. As for me, on that particular birthday, I realized that my life was a peau de chagrin (shrinking shagreen).


The painting featured above is by A. J. Casson, a Canadian artist who was a member of the Group of Seven.

At the foot of this post, I have inserted a video showing Yehudi Menuhin playing the violin with his friend French-Canadian fiddler Jean Carignan. You will notice that Canadian fiddlers have been influenced by the music of Ireland and Scotland. The belt worn by Jean Carignan is the traditional ceinture fléchée, a belt with arrows. The music was composed by Québec composer André Gagnon. It is not a very good recording, but the event is memorable.

My nominees are:
Lino Althaner
Naomi Baltuck
Bite Size Canada
Hands on Bowie
Kaligrafi Nusantara
Antonio de Simone
Mélanie Toulouse

My best regards to all of you.