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A. J. Casson

A. J. Casson (Photo credit: the National Gallery of Canada)

Dear Colleagues,

As I wrote yesterday, I am not requiring people whose schedule does not allow further activities to follow rules.

However, I was remiss in not providing the rules, as you may wish to take advantage of this opportunity to nominate colleagues. It was a pleasure for me to do so. In fact, I would have liked to nominate more of my colleagues, but followed the rules.


The Rules

The rules are simple. In theory, you are expected

  • to nominate 15 colleagues;
  • to notify these colleagues;
  • to provide the rules;
  • to insert a link to my blog: http://michelinewalker.com

Allow me to thank Mr. Andrés Cifuentes once again. His website is very informative and interesting. It allows me to read posts written in Spanish. I once worked in Spanish exporting flour from Canada to Latin America. My task was to acknowledge receipt of an order, to place the order, and to make sure the order was shipped from a North-American port. In other words, once a customer had placed an order, I looked after the details.

Four months later, I returned to University. It had been a summer job. We worked on the docks in Vancouver and whenever a ship came, we socialized with the Captain and his crew. They always prepared a dinner for us. It was very pleasant. We were a team of four and we never spoke of word of English. I then took courses in Spanish literature.

Two of my nominees are specialists, but in areas that combine expertise in at least two fields.


March Morning, A. J. Casson

André Gagnon plays his Nelligan