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Could it be about the Affordable Care Act?

Allow me to express profound dismay regarding Mr. Boehner’s continued assaults on President Obama. Mr. Boehner has made it very clear that he opposes the Affordable Care Act and his position regarding affordable health care has coloured his behaviour for a long time. He has also opposed President Obama’s humanitarian policies, such as extending the period during which an unemployed American may receive help from the government of his country. And now, Libya!

The Government Shutdown: October 2013

I remember vividly Mr. Boehner holding the citizens of the United States hostage by directing Congress to oppose raising the United States’ debt ceiling, which, of course, had to be raised. That was very silly and no one will forget. The Government shutdown of October 2013 cost the American people billions of dollars, billions that were needed to ensure the health and security of the American people, to refurbish schools, or help the nation in some other way. Was that responsible behaviour on the part of an elected official? It was a game, and not only did it impoverish Americans, but it also scared other nations.

Discrimination against women

If it has to do with medical care and, particularly, with whether or not birth control medication should be covered, many Republicans would have us believe that they are advocating life long celibacy for those who cannot afford birth control. These are medical issues. Moreover, it is for a woman to decide whether or not she will have a child and this can be done without recourse to an abortion. However, sometimes an abortion is necessary, for medical reasons. Do people think women use abortions in lieu of birth control?

This is a matter I take very seriously. My mother gave birth to a child every year. Four children survived, but we buried the others: 14. These babies did not have a chance to survive. I remember the grief, the despair, the hospital bills. I remember thinking that God did not love us.

President Truman, President G. W. Bush…

At any rate, Mr. Boehner seems to be grabbing every opportunity to criticize and vilify the President of the United States. As a result, Mr. Boehner may run the risk of losing his credibility. No one sued President Truman. As for President G. W. Bush, he has not been accused of war crimes. He and other former Presidents socialize. President Obama has been very kind to his predecessor. Could it be therefore that some members of Congress do not wish for a man of colour and exceptional intelligence and dignity to be President of the United States of America. There is nothing wrong with being black or somewhat coloured. Nor is it wrong to be exceptionally accomplished.

President Obama makes us feel safe

Were President Obama not at the helm (when Congress gives him a chance), the world would not have much confidence in the United States. I am sure his predecessor meant well, but he blundered. There is such a thing as compassion and forgiveness. Consequently, President Obama has not thrown stones. But Congress would throw stones at President Obama? Suing President Obama borders on lèse-majesté, except that President Obama is not Louis XIV (Louis-Quatorze) and knows he isn’t.

Not taking sides

Please remember that President Obama cannot take sides in the Near or Middle-East without jeopardizing the safety of Americans. That’s not easy. Moreover, many decisions are made collectively by member states of the United Nations. No one wants another 9/11 and more wars, including Congress waging war against President Barack Obama? A house divided… The United States has seldom had as good and humane a President as President Obama.

As for countries who have just escaped tyranny, they may need help, in the short-term, but I believe they are perfectly capable of building a better future for themselves. There is a difference between intervention and interference.


Since Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency of the United States, I have been a keen observer. I have witnessed what seems to be systematic obstructionism and scapegoating. Suing the President would be more of the same, but worse. It would be a witch-hunt. Those days are over.

We all make mistakes, but is it possible for President Obama to make as many mistakes as extremist Republicans would want people to believe? This is indeed becoming a witch-hunt. The Affordable Health Act will be costly and many of the rich do not want to pay taxes. But the age when cancer was considered a preexisting condition has ended. It seems to me that an insurance company should not shorten someone’s life. It is also my opinion that it is not for the Supreme Court to rule on what type of medication should be covered. This could turn into a circus. A medical prescription is a medical prescription.

Wishing all of you a fine week.


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Treaty of Paris 1883

Treaty of Paris 1883 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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August 3, 2014
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