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J. S. Bach’s Siciliano g-moll BWV 1031

I should let you know that I will have to use a new identity because of internet fraud. In fact, yesterday I received an email from a WordPress colleague who was asking for money because s/he was in trouble.

It could be that someone was using that colleague’s name to take money away from me. That’s identity theft used to defraud someone.

The Story

I got a phone call from “Microsoft” and was told that my computer was about to crash.  Employees of my credit card company were monitoring and noticed I was being defrauded. They cancelled the transaction and phoned me immediately. In fact, I felt something may be amiss and I was about to phone them. But they phoned first, in less than five minutes.

If you get a phone call from a person who claims s/he is an employee of Microsoft and asks you to uninstall your anti-virus software, hang up and call the police.

You will also be asked to use a card other than Visa, MasterCard or American Express. These companies hire experts who catch thieves in the act.

It will take me a few weeks to re-invent myself. Fortunately, they do not read our posts. So, there may be a way of letting you know what I have become.

It never suspected I would have to write this message.

Skipping, by Frederick Morgan

Skipping, by Frederick Morgan

© Micheline Walker
8 June 2014