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Boy with Bread, by Ozias Leduc
— Boy with Bread, by Ozias Leduc (8 October 1864 – 16 June 1955)
I believe this is the complete list of posts on regionalism, “roman de la terre,” “roman du terroir” I have written so far. They are at times repetitive because I do not know whether or not someone has read earlier posts. Maria Chapdelaine was written by Louis Hémon, a Frenchman, or an outsider. However, it is the one novel interested persons should read. Menaud, maître-draveur (a draveur is a river driver taking lumber logs to their destination) is a very poetical novel. 
Louis Hémon, the author of Maria Chapdelaine, sees Quebec as eternal. Such hope is not expressed by Félix-Antoine Savard whose 1937 novel, Menaud, maître-draveur, is embedded in Hémon’s Maria Chapdelaine. Foreigners have come… 
As you will notice, I did try to give more descriptive titles to older posts, but failed miserably. Fortunately, my cat said: enough!  He’s in charge, so what could I do. Lists were my solution. 




Armand Bastien
Frescoes/Fresques by Ozias Leduc
Young Student, by Ozias Leduc

Young Student, by Ozias Leduc

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15 January 2014