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Blue Point, Long Island, by Alfred Thompson Richler

Blue Point, Long Island by Alfred Thompson Bricher


The Hudson River School

The United States has produced great artists. Members the Hudson River School  enjoyed landscape painting as did, for instance, members of the Barbizon School in France.

Alfred Thompson Bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher (10 April 1837- 30 September 1908) was an American painter associated with White Mountain art and the Hudson River School. He studied at the Lowell Institute and with Albert Bierstadt, William Morris Hunt, and others. By 1858, he made art his profession. He opened a studio in Boston, but in 1868 he moved to New York City and showed “Mill-Stream at Newburyport” at the National Academy of Design.  He had first worked with oils, but ended up switching to watercolors. In 1873, he became a member of the American Watercolor Society. As did other members of the Hudson River School, Bricher painted landscapes mainly, but in the 1870s, he started to paint seascapes and these are the paintings that earned him renown.

The Hudson River School was a mid-19th century school. Therefore, Bricher was a late member. As Modern Art gained prominence, he was nearly forgotten, but he later regained notoriety as a marine painter. In the 1890s he purchased a house near the sea in the New Dorp section of Staten Island. He could view the Atlantic Ocean and Raritan Bay. He remained active until his death, in New Dorp in 1908.


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