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Lilacs in a Window by Mary Cassatt, 1880 (Photo credit: Wikipaintings)

Dear Readers,

WordPress is still making my life difficult. My last post was dated 12 July.  I had then written a draft of the post on 12 July.  However, I did not complete the post until 15 July. I have republished it.  In order to read, it is no longer necessary to go back to July 12.  It’s a long post; yet it is not really complete.  It required at least one more comment on motherhood in Cassatt.  I must also point out that Cassatt Japoniste prints cannot be associated, except by date, with Impressionism.  These two elements have been included in the post dated 16 July 2013.

I am still unable to access my Reader and look at your posts.  If necessary, I will beg WordPress’s Happiness Engineer.

Allow me to wish you an excellent day.

Love to all.


The Fitting, by Mary Cassatt (1891)( Photo credit: Wikipaintings)

Gabriel Fauré (12 May 1845 – 4 November 1924

Gabriel Fauré – Élégie for cello and orchestra Op. 24



© Micheline Walker
15 July 2013
The Boating Party, 1893-1894
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