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Bosschaert Dynasty

Still-life with fruits in a caned basket, a glass vase with flowers, by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger (1609-1645), 1633

Photo credit: Google Images

Dear Readers,

I wish to apologize for not reading your posts as quickly as I used to.  The reason is one you will understand.  It seems all kinds of businesses have found a way of turning my comments into commercial advertisements.  They write long texts.

Let me use numbers to describe this new form of terrorism perpetrated on innocent bloggers.  Last week, I erased 165,000 comments and changed the settings on my computer so no comment could enter.  It didn’t help.  Yesterday, I deleted about 30,000 ads, but there are several thousand ads waiting to be deleted.

This is ridiculous.  These ads clog up my computer and slow it down.  In fact, I can no longer access all of my WordPress applications.

I have been spending entire days deleting ads.  Even the bulk action function is slow.  I apologize for using settings that isolate me, but until these individuals stop clogging my computer, I have to try to protect myself.  This problem started a few weeks ago, perhaps a month.

Love to all of you,


Psalm 5 – Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (Deventer, April or May, 1562 – Amsterdam, 16 October 1621)
(lute setting from the Thysius Lutebook)
Ernst Stolz virginal
flowers-in-a-bronze-vase-ambrosius-bosschaert-theyounger (1)Micheline Walker©
June 4, 2013 
Flowers in a Bronze Vase, by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (18 January 1573 – 1621)
Photo credit: Google Images