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Ligozzi, Jacopo (c. 1547-1632)
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Let’s discuss taxation.  It’s that time of year.  Canadians who live outside Quebec might get some money back, but Quebeckers who pay taxes to two levels of government, the federal and the provincial, and who, as of now, must also send Madame Marois approximately $400.00, whatever their income, are not expecting a refund.

As for my neighbours to the south, their well-being is threatened because the rich will not pay their fair share of taxes, which will force the Obama administration to make cuts in social programs.  Please read carefully, it’s: will have to make cuts in social programs.

Obstructionism and Scapegoating

Last night, I was very much offended when a citizen of the US threw stones at President Obama for proposing cutbacks in social programs.  President Obama did not wage two unnecessary wars, thus fleecing Americans to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, sending thousands to their death and taking their future away from thousands more.

However, as a realistic head of state, President Obama knows that he has to make ends meet and, by now, he also knows that whatever budget he proposes will be opposed by a mainly Republican Congress, which is obstructionism.  Moreover, he is being blamed for ills that are not of his making, which is scapegoating.

One cannot give that which one does not possess.  If people do not pay their taxes and make it difficult for the current administration to spend money on job creation, there cannot possibly be enough money in the public purse to implement social programs and create jobs.

More of the same…

President Obama is probably the best president the US has had since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but he has to contend

  • with the naysayers in Congress;
  • with those rich, but irresponsible, citizens who do not pay their fair share of taxes; and
  • with individuals who criticize him without first analyzing the situation.

So the second term is very much like the first term.  President Obama has to deal with an obstructionist Congress and is then being made to look responsible for problems he has not created.

Me, myself and I

The debt could be paid off and jobs created quickly if the “me-myself-and-I” members of Congress, Republicans, agreed to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes and, at last, begin to do something to help repair the harm inflicted on the nation by a previous Republican administration.  I am not saying that Republicans should be punished.  Not at all.  But I am saying, and very loudly, that the time has come for the rich to stop depositing their money in offshore accounts and to start paying their fair share of taxes.  Do they not realize that they are part of a collectivity and must, at the very least, pay their dues?

Those who pay

Taxation may feel like an evil, but it is a necessary evil.  Taxes are the “freedom we surrender” (Hobbes) to be protected by a government or, otherwise put, to live safely under the “rule of law.”  However, if the rich will not pay their fair share of taxes there will not be enough money in the public purse, and those who will suffer are the sick, the disabled, the elderly, the veterans, and individuals, mostly members of the middle-class, who cannot avoid paying taxes as they never see their tax dollar.  It is deducted from their pay cheque.

It’s not only greed, it’s fraud

Do not blame the President.  Blame so-called “citizens” who are not only greedy, but actually defraud the government.  It would indeed be my opinion that their behaviour is well nigh if not outright fraudulent.  Also blame those who manipulate citizens into electing into office persons, Republicans, whose only goal is to make sure their rich constituents do not pay taxes and who systematically oppose what the Democrats propose.


Fully expect cutbacks galore and unemployment to match if there isn’t money in the above-mentioned public purse to sustain social programs and create jobs.  The Obama administration has to operate with the hand it was dealt: debts and too many Republicans in Congress.

The more I look, the more I see a dysfunctional society.  I see individuals who do not realize they are members of a collectivity: me, myself and I.  These individuals should consider learning Mandarin Chinese as this is the tongue in which they may have to communicate, sooner than later.

Dear readers,
I removed my last sentence.  It was too pessimistic.
       My kindest regards to all of you,
composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau (25 September 1683 – 12 September 1764)
piece: Pièces de Clavecin en Concert, Premier concert for violin, viola da gamba, and obbligato harpsichord in C Minor
performers: Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord and Rachel Podger, violin
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April 6, 2013
Ligozzi, Jacopo  
Photo credit: Wikipedia