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versatileblogger111I was nominated for this award by tuttacronaca on 28 January 2013. “Versatile” is a word people have often used to describe me.  I have taught many subjects.  I therefore became  a “versatile” teacher.  As for my students, if I mentioned Montaigne and Montesquieu when teaching Pascal, they thought I was “jumping around.”  I wasn’t.  All three wrote about the relativity of laws.

I thank tuttacronaca most sincerely.  He is an extremely versatile blogger.  In fact so are most of my readers.  They read my posts despite the diversity of subjects.  Diversity was Jean de La Fontaine‘s motto.

Choosing nominees is not easy.  For instance, two of my nominees for the Versatile Blogger could have been Sunshine award nominees.  And two of my Sunshine Award nominees could have been Versatile Blogger nominees.  But most of my Sunshine award nominees are versatile bloggers and vice versa.

Nominating a WordPress colleague for an award is a way of telling that colleague that I enjoy his or her posts.  I simply wish I could have nominated more of my WordPress colleagues.

There are rules

I apologize.  I forgot to provide the rules.

First, you must link back to me. You may do this by writing a comment when you receive this post.

Second, You must reveal seven facts about yourself.

Third, You must nominate ten other blogs.

My nominees are:

About me

  1. In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the education of little children.
  2. Facts are essential, but my main goal as a teacher was to encourage students to widen their horizon and see the many facets of subjects we were discussing.
  3. Living in France had a permanent influence on the manner I dress, cook, live and think.
  4. I have had fine friendships with exceptional men.
  5. I fear extremists.
  6. I am a pianist and an artist, which may demonstrate versatility.
  7. My chief cause is peace.

I love you all.

composer: Joseph Haydn  (31 March 1732 – 31 May 1809)
piece:  Serenade