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On January 2, 2013, our colleague Jay Morris made my world a brighter place by nominating me for a Sunshine Award.  I was delighted.

There are rules.

First, I must link back to me.  I believe a I must link back to the person who nominated me.  Please click on Thank you Jay.

Second, I must reveal seven facts about myself.  Now, that is very difficult.

Third, I must nominate ten other blogs.  That is also difficult

Let’s go to second:

  1. I am respectful of others, whatever their ethnicity, rich or poor.
  2. I had a very loving and generous husband.
  3. Nature gave me an insightful mind and good looks.
  4. Music, the fine arts, books and cats have brought me great pleasure.
  5. I enjoy a café society.
  6. I prefer the indoors, but let the outdoors in and the indoors out.
  7. My favourite outing is joining dear friends for a dinner, or just coffee, and good conversation.

My nominees are:

I have been nominated for another award, which means there will be other nominees. I love you all.
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composer: Antonín Leopold Dvořák (September 8, 1841 – May 1, 1904)
piece: Serenade in E Major for Strings, Op. 22: II. “Tempo di valse”
performers: Münchner Philharmoniker
conductor: Rudolf Kempe  (born 14 June 1910 in Dresden, died 12 May 1976 in Zürich)