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Julaftonen, by Carl Larsson, 1904

Julaftonen, by Carl Larsson, 1904

Brita as Iduna
Brita as Iduna

Happy New Year!

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This post was written earlier, but my computer “crashed.”   So please accept my belated greetings and my apologies.

This was the last in a series of mishaps.  My computer failed me.  It became unstable.  I therefore phoned the technicians at Dell.  They had repaired my computer the previous week and did not think this was serious.

However, the technician soon realized that the antivirus program they had installed, a powerful program, had not prevented several battalions of viruses, Trojan horses, and other nasty invaders, from entering the computer.  Beware of hackers!  So the poor technician started to work at about or four-thirty pm, or 16:20, and did not finish until nearly 9 o’clock, or 21:00.  After scanning and cleaning the computer, he installed a second protection program and gave me a phone number, so he could be reached easily.

I may have to download my WordPress program again, as it was affected.  How does one download WordPress without erasing posts?

An interior with a Woman, by Carl Larrson

An interior with a Woman, by Carl Larsson

I am therefore rather pleased to be entering a New Year.  The year 2012 was a little more difficult than former years.  For instance, there was a second “crash,” so to speak.  My car went out of control and landed in a ditch.  This was my first real accident in a lifetime of driving.  I live in a county called “winter,” where changes in the weather can occur quickly.

Fortunately, I was buckled up and my cat Belaud’s was on the back seat, sitting on a  thick fleece blanket in his carrier.  He enjoys riding in a car and does not have to be in a carrier.  But, in my opinion, that could be dangerous and he loves being in his carrier.

I was afraid we would be hit by oncoming traffic, but we were not.  I was also afraid the car would  turn upside down when it finally left the highway.  We ended up in a ditch.  One window was shattered and the car lost two doors.  But Belaud and I are just fine.

Esbjörn, by Carl Larrson

Esbjörn, by Carl Larsson

Good Samaritans helped us out of the vehicle and a friend came to pick me up.  I am now awaiting to hear what the Insurance Company‘s specialist has to say.  I talked with an employee who told me she had a list of garages and that my car could be repaired in one of their facilities.  She explained that my Yaris was not a luxury car and that the Company would spend as little money repairing it as they could.

So I phoned my garage, told the gentleman where my car was and asked him to have it towed away to safety, i. e. to his carrosserie or body shop.  The irony is that he is having difficulties earning a living because he is not on the list.  He looks after luxury vehicles.

My best news at the moment is that Islamic countries have archangels.

I’ll be blogging again.  Once again, I wish a very Happy New Year.


My featured artist is Swedish artist Carl Larsson (28 May 1853 – 22 January 1919), whose paintings of his family and house I like very much.

Self-portrait, Carl Larsson
Self-portrait, Carl Larsson
© Micheline Walker
3 January 2013