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Les Bacchantes d’Ernest Biéler, Fête des Vignerons (Wine growers’ Celebration)

Ernest Biéler (31 July 1863 in RolleSwitzerland– 25 June 1948 in Lausanne)

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

This year, I was nominated for two awards.  On 4 December 2012, Carolynpageabc nominated me for a one star Blog of the Year.  Had I been truly competent, I would have shared my good fortune by displaying that I was a nominee in my sidebar and by nominating WordPress colleagues for an award.  I have yet to learn how to insert pictures and information in a sidebar.

Dear Carolyn, I thank you most sincerely for enjoying my posts.  I feel honored.

To be very honest, it would have been difficult for me to choose one post as the best because WordPress has extraordinary bloggers some of whom are now friends.  However, allow me to praise you, Carolyn, for the post hiding behing the following link:


one-lovely-blog-award1On 22 September 2012, George B. also had the kindness of nominating me for a Lovely Blog Award.  I was very touched.  One does not expect awards.  As soon as I have learned how to decorate my sidebar, I will indicate that I had the pleasure of being nominated, simply nominated.

This was a difficult year.  It seems everything that could go wrong went wrong.  But you did not fail me.


I wish to thank George B. and Carolyn for nominating me and would like to congratulate the winners.

Swiss-born Ernest Biéler was an eclectic artist.  He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris and won a silver medal at the Exposition Universelle de Paris in 1900.  He co-founded the École de Savièse with Rafael Ritz and Édouard Vallet.

Beethoven: Romance for Violin No. 1 In G Major, Op. 40

Ernest Bieler (1863 - 1948)m© Micheline Walker
30 December 2012