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Photo credit: Antique Vintage Prints
Dear readers,

I have discreetly updated the Louisiana Purchase Treaty.  As some of you may have noticed, earlier versions of blogs sometimes appear on the screen.  Or else, a thought comes to one’s mind.

Writing allows further understanding of an event.

My last posts have not been very entertaining.  I have readers who require information.

However, my main reason for writing to you is that I may not be able to post articles for two or three days for medical reasons: minor surgery.  Or else I may post articles that do not require much research.  But I will reading your blogs.

* * *

composer: Camille Saint-Saëns (9 October 1835 – 16 December 1921)
piece: “The Swan” from The Carnaval of Animals
performer: Jacqueline du Pré (26 January 1945 – 19 October 1987) 
Micheline Walker©
November 20th, 2012