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The Four Seasons: Summer, or Ruth and Boaz, 1660–1664, Louvre Museum

Nicolas Poussin (15 June 1594 – 19 November 1665)
Photo credit: Wikipedia

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I have just destroyed my Credit Card.  It was a new Credit Card, a third card because I had already destroyed two cards.

Yesterday, a person from the Credit Card Company phoned to inform me that all the money available on my Credit Card had been spent.  They were suspicious because the money was used by a company located in France, which was unusual.  Normally, my card is used to pay for groceries or cat food.  To my surprise, someone authorized these expenses, but it was not me.  My money will be returned to me, but I must now involve the police.

I can think of only two ways in which they could have accessed my Credit Card number.  First, they could have done so when I paid WordPress for an update.  I did not use the Credit Card on the internet other than to pay WordPress money I owed.  Second, they may have entered my online bank account.  They are hackers.

My money will be returned to me, but the items will show on my next statement and I am now alarmed.

* * *

Two weeks (approximately), I received comments from a French site calling itself Référencement gratuit (Free reference).  Référencement would mean cataloguing.  I replied to these comments by explaining that if my posts were quoted, a source had to be given as the writer would otherwise be in violation of copyright laws.  I also feared they would make money using my posts.  A student would kill to have access to the blog I published yesterday.  It may not be popular with most readers, but for a student preparing a term essay it is very valuable.   So are my voyageur posts.

* * *

But we have left the realm of copyright violation.  That is bad enough, however…  using WordPress (the name, the ability to leave comments, etc.) to defraud me is just as serious a matter, and I cannot exclude the possibility that WordPress was used to defraud me, even though WordPress does not keep a Credit Card number.  The police will have to deal with this matter, but I need to contact WordPress.  Please tell me.  How does one contact WordPress?  If one phones WordPress, no one answers.  One leaves a message, but one’s call is not returned.  If you write a message to WordPress, again you will hit a brick wall.

I can reach the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada.  I  believe I can also reach the Pope.  However, I cannot reach WordPress.  Nor can I reach most online businesses.

I have to talk to someone at WordPress.  It is an URGENT MATTER.  I have to secure my site.  WordPress is an honest platform, but hackers are not honest.  They are criminals.

If any of you could help reach WordPress, I would be most thankful.

By the way, change your password often.  Moreover, when you bank on the internet and your password is not accepted, please take that matter very seriously.  Do not use PayPal, unless you can authorize a payment and they have hired investigators.  Credit Card companies have professional investigators.

But it is best not to give your credit card number to anyone on the internet, including our above-suspicion WordPress.  Your Credit Card number will nevertheless be in cyberspace for a few minutes and cyberspace is not safe.

I have been removing what I considered harmless personal information from the internet.  It is not harmless.  In fact, if I post a lovely picture, I soon find that an internet company has chosen to put it in its inventory.  If they do this, they should pay me.  This keeps happening.  Moreover, Micheline Walker’s pictures are on the internet.  I have obtained or purchased permission to use art from certain sources, but some of these pictures are on the internet and not on my site.

P.S.  If I am late reading your posts, it has to do with the above-mentioned fraudulent activity.

composer: Marin Marais (31 May 1656, Paris – 15 August 1728, Paris)
piece: Spectre de la Rose
Marie Knight – baroque violin,
Alison Crum – treble & bass viol,
Susanna Pell – treble & bass viol,
Elizabeth Liddle – bass viol,
Paula Chateauneuf – theorbo,
Timothy Roberts – harpsichord
© Micheline Walker
11 November 2012