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Famous posthumous portrait of Niccolò Machiave...

Famous posthumous portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As I reported in my last blog, Mitt Romney seems to have entered into some alliance with Israel, which is dangerous.  For the Arab World, Israel is an American presence in the Near and Middle East.  As a result, hatred for the US is immense.  Therefore, the US cannot take sides. It has to work with the support of the world in order to eliminate nuclear threat everywhere.  This would protect Israel.

The Second Debate

With respect to the second debate (16 October 2012), I have written that Mitt Romney acted in a Machiavellian fashion.  This approach is a “do-anything-to-become-President-of-the-United States.”  The end justifies the means.

Some people have not had the opportunity to read Machiavelli.  I will therefore introduce a word everyone will understand: bullying.   It appears Mitt Romney is a bully and bullies can break people.  I have discovered that others consider Mr Romney a bully.  I’m not alone.

President Obama’s ethnicity

I will have to do a little digging on this issue, but I recall a statement on the part of Mr Romney to the effect that his ethnicity would give him an edge over President Obama.  It had to do with Mr Romney’s ability to understand people better, white people I believe.  This is a statement he made in the UK.

Combined with voter suppression, this statement leads me to believe that Mr Romney hasn’t much use for persons of color.  In fact, even if my memory does not serve me well regarding the UK remark, voter suppression alone would indicate that Mitt Romney does not respect persons of colour sufficiently to be elected into the office of President of the United States.  At any rate, his poor opinion of persons of colour would make it easier for him to bully President Obama.

Interrupting the debate

If the next debate turns into a quarrel, as moderator of that debate, I would end it.


Daniel Craig [James Bond] declare[d] his support for President Obama: ‘I trust him.’ (see deGrio.com).  I’m with Daniel Craig.  I trust President Obama.

Micheline Walker©
October 22nd, 2012