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The President of the United States of America

To all my American Friends

Let this gentleman guide you into a better future.  And in return be his guide.  He has paid his dues, i.e. taxes.  As for Mr Romney, having studied the social contract, I am rather surprised he is even allowed to drive his car(s) on the highways of America.    Citizens pay their income tax.  Is there any way his indebtedness to the United States could be assessed?

WordPress, help

Yesterday, my reader was not accessible.  It was filled with blogs from I person I follow,  I tried to get beyond these posts, but gave up after two hours.  Does WordPress have a way of controlling this problem.  I would like to read the blogs I was sent, but one blog would give me access to all the blogs the person I follow has written.  Then I would read all of the blogs I follow.  Doing so is very important.

The News

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October 17, 2012