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My dear readers,

I am about to post another blog, but my computer was hacked and nearly destroyed.  The evil deed was perpetrated by persons who first phone and tell you that viruses are destroying your computer.  They claim to be working for Microsoft, give you the badge number, a name and a telephone number.  They then tell you that they will repair your computer… at a cost.

The next day, you receive another telephone call, by persons who tell you that you have been the victim of a scam but that they will fix the problem … at a lower cost.

At that point you phone to cancel your credit card and your bank account (s).  An investigation is under way.

However, you receive yet another phone call.  This time you hang up.

They are consummate con artists and because your computer does not work, you can be convinced they are Microsoft employees.  They show you a photo ID.

I will have to get in touch with WordPress to change the name of my blog.   Once they have your name, they can also get your phone number or vice versa.

Beware, they also get pictures.  There are Micheline Walker pictures on the internet and since I am not the only Micheline Walker, there are photographs of people who are not me.

But life goes on.  I have not lost a great deal of money, but how does one believe anyone anymore?

My computer (WordPress in particular) does not feel as stable as it felt.  Writing a blog is difficult.

I will post this warning and try to finish what I was doing.

Best regards to all of you.