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Watteau’s commedia dell’arte player of Pierrot, ca 1718–19, traditionally
identified as “Gilles” (Louvre)
Antoine Watteau (October 10, 1684 – July 18, 1721)
Photo credit: Wikipedia

As you may know, I decorate my posts with pictures and often write about artists.  I name my sources (photo credit) and I indicate the location of the art I have used, which is a form of advertisement.

However, yesterday, as I was reading posts authored by my WordPress colleagues, I discovered that most of the images art.com was showing were images I had featured  in recent posts or simply looked at.  In other words, they are using my selection of pictures.

A Pattern, not a coincidence

In fact, this has been going on for some time.  I have noticed that within days of my using a picture or pictures, these were put on the market.  So we are looking at a pattern, not a mere coincidence.  So it would seem that art.com is using my selection of pictures, but does not sponsor me.

It seems a good idea to find sponsors.  Many WordPress authors spend a great deal of time working on well-researched and informative articles.  In my opinion, it is therefore perfectly normal and acceptable for them to seek a financial reward and support.

Invasion of Privacy

However, what is less acceptable is marketing the pictures a WordPress author selects or simply looks at without rewarding this author.  I now feel I have been used and that my privacy has been invaded.  What else are they looking at?

I have considered contacting art.com in order to ask to be compensated as I am working for them.  But I do not think it would benefit me.  It may in fact harm me.  I am not getting into a fight.  Besides although they market pictures I have selected, which can be a long process, most of these pictures are the public domain.  But I have nevertheless worked for them and they should pay me.  I could use the money.

Micheline’s Pension Fund

In September 2008, just before TARP saved the US and its financial partners from certain perdition, I lost a third of my pension fund.  It has grown again but the total amount is still lower than it was in 2008.  So supplementing my income would be a good idea.

The Good Side

There is, of course, a flattering side to the entire matter.   First, they like my selections.  Second, I would suspect they look upon WordPress as a good platform.


With your permission, I will skip the News.  I would rather read your posts.  However, I would invite you to listen to the music of a related blog.  The chaconne is related to the passacaglia.

Micheline Walker©
September 10, 2012
composer: Jean-Marie Leclair (10 May 1697 – 22 October 1764)
piece: Chaconne  (related to the Passacaglia)
performers: Les Nièces de Rameau