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Well, this is the day after the day before…

I am still very disappointed.  The Parti québécois is an indépendantiste party and I am an advocate of unity among Canadian provinces.  However, one does not try to kill another human being.  Madame Marois is a human being and this form of hatred, assassination, is unacceptable, as is bearing a firearm.

As for the man who attempted to stop the gunman and died, he was a 48 year-old father.  He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.  However, people are not blaming English-speaking Quebecers for the shooting.  The gunman, Mr Bain, acted on his own.

It was a narrow victory, so those of us who wish for Canada to remain a unified country will regroup and rectify matters, but in a civilized manner.

Madame Marois has already but a referendum on independence on a back burner.  I believe she will try not to raise tuition fees, but may have to face reality.  She does not have very deep pockets.

I did ask one more person why she voted for Madame Marois.  She said:   “I am a Quebecer.”  Je suis québécoise.  Undergirding that statement, I heard:  “I am a Catholic.”  Je suis catholique.  Quebec used to be called the “priest-ridden” province, which it was.  However, the words that came to my mind may be a misperception, but not altogether.

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September 6th, 2012