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The Quebec General Election & the News

The Quebec General Election

In my post on the Quebec General Election, I listed three parties and their leaders. However, to paint a complete picture, I must mention the existence of several other parties, about twenty in all, including the ones I mentioned.  The parties I named are the main contenders, but gaining popularity is a party named Québec solidaire. (See the front page of today’s Devoir 

Art work

The featured artist is Otar Imerlishvili, a contemporary and very prolific Russian artist.  However, during the last few years, he has shown several times in the United Kingdom (UK).  I chose The Blinds, because I must have my cataracts removed as soon as possible.


As for the music, it is a rendition, by Yvonne Printemps, of Au Clair de la Lune, recorded in 1931.  Au Clair de la Lune was composed during the eighteenth century by a composer who has yet to be unequivocally identified.  It is looked upon as a song for children, but it was part of Yvonne Printemps’s répertoire.  Wikipedia provides the words of the song, as Yvonne Printemps sang it in 1931.

Yvonne Printemps was married to Russian-born Sacha Guitry whom she divorced.  She had fallen in love with actor Pierre Fresnay (b. Pierre Jules Louis Laudenbach).  He played Vincent de Paul in Monsieur Vincent (1947), a classic of French cinema.  Fresnay and Printemps did not marry.

Please click on the title below to hear Au Clair de La Lune (here or below).  If you click on Wikipedia, you will be able to follow the words, in French and English.

The Blinds, by Otar Imerlishvili, 2012

Wikipedia (lyrics)


Yvonne Printemps
© Micheline Walker
31 August 2012