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Lady Dog by Tanya Kolechko

Kolechko, Tanya
Russian Art Gallery
Hot Enamel on Copper

Although I have found information on Tanya Kolechko, I do not know her date of birth. She is a contemporary artist. Information on the technique she uses, hot enamel on copper, is available by clicking on her name: Kolechko, Tanya.  I have provided two links that should lead you to further information.

In watercolors, one often uses a toothbrush to make dots, but Tanya’s little dots are particularly lovely.  I would like to know how her technique affects her art work.  I sense youthfulness to the above work and to the work shown below.  In my opinion, these are delightful works of art.

About Uncle Remus  

I have removed the video from my post on Tar-Baby.  What is important is the book. The Tales of Uncle Remus is art and essential Americana.  Joel Chandler Harris must have sensed these tales were an American classic, whatever their provenance. Obviously the people at D. Appleton & Company were of the same opinion.  Given that Uncle Remus was in Georgia and probably illiterate, I believe the tales belong to an oral tradition.

Camille Saint-Saëns (9 October 1835 – 16 December 1921)
Isaac Stern (21 July 1920 – 22 September 2001)

Still Life by Tanya Kolechko

© Micheline Walker 
23 August 2012