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Sunflowers, by Carl Larsson

This video is so joyful that I must share it with you.  I would also like to mention that although he worked with the Barbizon plein air artist, Carl Larsson’s (May 28, 1853 – January 22, 1919) influence on home decor and furniture design has been too significant not to mention.  He may have enjoyed painting landscapes, but he excelled at designing and decorating his home and, I believe, other homes.

Ett Hem therefore constitutes an invaluable document concerning home design and the rooms Larsson depicted have a lived-in characteristic that makes them particularly attractive.  We see a dog sleeping and a little white cat in the kitchen. 

I love the corner stoves.  If I had a house built, I would consider installing such a stove, if they are still available.  I do not feel altogether secure in a house that does not have a stove.  What if the power goes out during a furious winter storm. I also keep a good supply of candles and candle holders.  I would like my stove to be covered with white and blue tiles, something Dutch.  White and blue are my favourite home decor colours, provided they are not the only colours.  I enjoy a little diversity.

When my husband and I lived in France, we travelled everywhere and I saw all kinds of interiors.  It was an education!  My best preparation were the Fine Arts courses I had taken as an undergraduate.  They included several classes on architecture and styles.

Europe is also the place where I learned to cook.  French cuisine was so delicious, that I returned to Canada prepared to entertain.  In fact, I learned a lifestyle.

Let us now welcome August.

© Micheline Walker
August 1st, 2012