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A Spring Day by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov (Wiki2.org.)

Alexei Savrasov (24 May 1830 – 8 October 1897) is a Russian landscape painter, who created the lyrical landscape. Lyricism is also a characteristic of the music of “the Five (composers).” Very loud phrases may be followed by soft melodious passages.

Lyrical landscapes do not offer extreme contrasts. Lyricism dominates the painting placed at the top of this post. For instance, Savrasov’s palette consists of variations on related colours. The pale green foliage near the houses in the background suggests the beginning of a gentler season.  Savrasov is a realist painter. He depicts nature, but nature softened and warmed. The presence of rooves in the background and smoke coming out of chimneys. Humans are an integral part of nature, but require a house to keep warm and comfortable.

The composition this painting is exquisite. Tall but unadorned trees are the main centre of interest, a focal point, but the painting is otherwise articulated. Savrasov uses the golden ratio.

The Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture