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Clotilde & Alexandre Sakharoff, by George Barbier (1882-1932) Russian dancers, 1921 poster.

I wish I could have found a video featuring Clotilde and Alexandre Sakharov.  But we have done very well.  YouTube provided us with a performance of the grand Pas de deux, from Marius Petipa‘s Don Quixote (music by Ludwig Minkus), executed by Natalia Osipova & Ivan Vasiliev, now stars of the St Petersburg’s Mikhaylovsky Theatre and a married couple.

Barbier’s coloring is impressive.  Note, for instance, how he has used color to separate the bodies of his two dancers.


Musée de l’affiche, Paris (Photo credit: Alfredo Dagli Orti / The Art Archive at Art Resource, NY (with permission from Art Resource, NY).

For more information on the Ballets Russes, in Paris, please click on Sergei DiaghilevBallets Russes and Vaslav Nijinsky.  The Ballets Russes toured between 1909 and 1929, and Paris loved them.


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12 July 2012