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 Dufferin Terrace Quebec by Jean Paul Lemieux, 1967

Breakfast by Jean Paul Lemieux, 1965

I put together my blogs on the United States and posted them.  But I am afraid.  What if Mitt Romney has not lied?  What if he has changed his mind and, if elected, will do away with Health-Care Reforms he  previously endorsed and which have been deemed “constitutional” by the Supreme Court.  In the past, insurance companies have considered a disease such as cancer a pre-existing condition and denied people who had paid their premiums the financial help they

desperately needed.

President Obama needs money to run his campaign.  He needs donations.  But he has the better credentials and an impressive record, particularly in view of sabotage attempts on the part of hardline Republicans: the Tea Party.

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Music by Antonio Vivaldi: Follia
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30 June 2012