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Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1615-16

One can no longer embed the video featuring Rubens pictures. However, one can click on the link I have put at the bottom of this page. Just click on Peter Paul Rubens.

It is such a beautiful presentation. A gift from God to us mortals.

The music is Vivaldi’s music, his Concerto for Two Flutes, Op. 47, No. 2, Largo. Vivaldi was a priest who had red hair: he was the Red Priest. The largo. Usually the second movement of a concerto is a slow tempo. Here we have a largo, which is a slow tempo.  The third or last movement has a faster tempo. The musicians who are performing Vivaldi’s music are the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble and the video was assembled to help people concentrate.

Concentrate.  For some, maybe.  But not quite if you go into a spell of ecstasy because the music is heavenly.  Music is very powerful and can therefore be therapeutic, etc. I concentrate, but on the music and the pictures.

The fusion of art and music in the privacy of one’s home is one of the internet’s finest features.

As a former university teacher, I enjoy preparing informative blogs. It takes time and effort, especially when you have problems operating machines. I used to leave the doors to my house unlocked for fear I would not be able to get back in. Keys do not always work very well. So think of me using a computer.

The effort. Do not worry. What about those persons who cannot afford to attend a university or those persons, sometimes older persons, who want to remember.


The Straw Hat, 1625

© Micheline Walker
25 June 2012
Peter Paul Rubens
(click on Peter Paul Rubens to see and hear the video)