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A.J. Casson, LL.D, R.C.A. (1898-1992)
Still Life, 1937
I had never seen this particular Casson: an indoors Casson resembling an indoors Micheline.  I enjoy life indoors, but would love to have conservatory: a green house.
Occasionally, I do go out carrying my camera in the hope of finding beautiful landscapes.  I then return home and paint.  There is a degree of resemblance between what I am painting and what is on the photograph, but my eyes seem to process and recreate what I am seeing.   
When I lived in Nova Scotia, once a week, I would join a group of artists, my friends.  First, we shared a glass of wine and then we started to draw the model we had hired for the evening.  To begin with, we drew very quickly: no more than a few minutes, but we graduated to longer sessions.  We were of course drawing the model from different angles, but we would compare our drawings and each artist had his or her style, whatever the angle.   
These artists were kind to me.  I was a self-taught artist except for a few lessons on how to do watercolours and etchings.  My preparation was otherwise academic.  What I knew was the history of art.  However, my artist friends, some of whom were professional artists, provided little suggestions that went a long way.  It was a form of apprenticeship.
The little tips helped, but in the end artists show their vision of the world and of the multitude of little objects that surround them and may have surrounded them a life time.
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Micheline Walker©
June 26, 2012