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Micheline Walker©
June 15, 2012

For the last three days, Menaud, maître-draveur has been on my mind.  It’s a novel I taught in one of my courses on French-Canadian/Quebec literature.  I remember asking my students how they would feel if someone entered their house and started using it as if it were their house.  They always answered that this would be unacceptable to them.  I did not comment.  They did.

That mountain is our mountain, our global mountain.

The News

In this regard, I have updated our newspaper links for those of you who read newspapers.  I should report that, according to Montreal‘s La Presse, the Montreal Police is sending to the Government of Quebec a bill totalling at least 10 million dollars, in overtime.  How unconscionable on the part of the Parti québécois to inflict so harsh a penalty on the people.

Most people have yet to realize that the students were used by the Parti Québécois.  There will no doubt be an election and I believe that it will take place in less than three months from now.  That too will be very costly.  Matters were fine as they were.

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