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It is once again a lovely day.

Sunny and, until now, not too warm.  This is how summer should be.  In Canada, summers can force a person to live in an air-conditioned environment.

I was very lucky.  I received a note from Mr Brian Busby.  Mr Busby has written a biography of John Glassco, Saint-Denys Garneau‘s outstanding translator.  Glassco did not start translating Garneau’s Journal until the latter part of 1957 or the early months of 1958.

Mr Busby is John Glassco’s biographer.  The information I had provided was not perfectly accurate: one wrong date.  However, if it was a lie to you it was a lie to me.  I had done my research.

Wednesday the 13th of June will be Saint-Denys Garneau’s centenary.

With respect to Mr Glassco’s translation of Saint-Denys Garneau, it is so fine a translation that I can consider Mr Glassco as a poet in his own right.

Mr Busby has written a biography of John Glassco (Knopf, Canada).  It was available at Indigo.com, but it appears to have sold out.

I thank Mr Busby most sincerely.  I hope he will continue to read my blog and correct me if, despite careful research, I have made a mistake.

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June 11, 2012