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Alena Krizek
Gordon Lightfoot: singer-composer
Micheline Walker©
May 23, 2012

Just I was researching the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway), I heard there might be a CPR strike.  I will have to investigate.

The Demonstrations are not abetting.  This strike seems part of a campaign to defeat the Quebec government in the next election.  I cannot imagine a return to power of the Parti Québécois and certainly not under Pauline Marois.  It could be that she did not realize she was playing with fire, but as leader of a political party, she should have known.  She has used the students to brew discontent.  I am more and more convinced that this strike is all about politics and creating disorder.

I apologize for not posting yesterday’s front pages, but I was exhausted.  Writing my little article on Louis Riel allowed me to assess these events, but it also tired me out.  Louis Riel was the victim of Orangemen.  He is the Father of Manitoba and one of the Fathers of Confederation.  He is Canada’s foremost folk-hero.

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