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Anton Mauve, Shepherdess With a Flock of Sheep, The Hague School

Anton Mauve (18 September 1838, Zaandam, North Holland – 5 February 1888, Arnhem) Photo credit: Wikipedia

The News are mostly bad.  As a result, I really do suspect that the students are being set up, which is unacceptable.  The students have acted like a bunch of sheep.

I have written of few tweets to point out to students that they were mere puppets.  The fines they have to pay will exceed the raise in tuition fees.  Moreover, the price of trying to control the demonstrators is very heavy.  People need protection.

It seems the movement is spreading to the US, which points to professional malfeasance.

composer: Franz Liszt (22 October 1811 – 31 July 1886) 
piece:  Un Sospiro
performer: Marc-André Hamelin
© Micheline Walker
May 21, 2012