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Old Maple, by A. J. Casson 1898-1992 (Group of Seven)
Brenner Fine Arts

All is relatively quiet in Quebec.  Today is a lovely spring day, so it seems that people are simply enjoying the fine weather.

Bill 78 was voted into law yesterday afternoon.  I have no way of knowing whether or not it will work, but a lot of people will call themselves martyrs.  It’s a mindset.

I am writing my next blog.  It is part of a mini-series called “From Coast to Coast”.  Yesterday I wrote about the Monroe Doctrine, but the plot has thickened to include the Fenians.  It could be that the Fenian raids are the catalyst in the building of Confederation.  Fenians were Irish nationalists who advocated revolution.  Some settled in the United States and started raiding the British colonies to the north from coast to coast.  Some also settled in Canada.

The Fenians scared the Atlantic Provinces into entering Confederation for sheer protection.  The future Canada was also scared into sending the Mounted Police West before it sent the settlers.

I must return to my account of how Confederation was achieved.   There are many things we were not taught in school.  For one thing, Confederation was not altogether a choice, it was a necessity.