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Flag of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Flag of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Current Events in Quebec

For those of you who wish to keep up with current events in Quebec, I am listing a number of links.

Yesterday (May 16), the students were prevented from re-entering the classroom by unsavoury and potentially dangerous groups: gangs.

Given the threat to the students and to their teachers, the Quebec Government has ordered an end to the tuition strike.  There was violence between 1960 and 1970, so the presence of gangs preventing the students from attending their classes has to be taken very seriously.

I saw Madame Marois on television.  She was asking the premier to act as a “good father” (the « bon père » notion of the Quebec Code civil fr/ Civil Code en) to the students and sit with them.  I am hearing the word “negotiations.”  To what extent should a Premier negotiate?  Madame Marois spoke about attentive mothers who talk with their children, etc.

As a bon père, monsieur Charest is putting an end to the academic year and to the strike. I believe monsieur Charest will ask the population to decide: a referendum of some kind.

Here are Civil Code entries (English):

Code civil entries in French:

Here are the URLs of newpapers covering the events:

Le Code civil
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May 17, 2012