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Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (July 17, 1796 – February 22, 1875) was the leading member of the plein air Barbizon school 


Woman with a Pearl, by Corot

I so love the colours he uses. Look at the water in Nantes.  He has created a patch of light by using a greenish blue with mauve hues.  It matches the sky.  Also note the serene ambiance and the discreet place he has given the little boat. 

Among paintings, few have the monochrome quality of Corot’s “Woman with a Pearl.” And few portraits depict so beautiful a woman as Corot’s lady.  It may be that Corot saw the beauty of this woman’s soul and let it shape her face.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, filled with beauty.  

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May 5, 2012