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Old Farm House, by A. J. Casson, Group of Seven

A. J. Casson at Bremner Fine Arts

I have been very busy putting together my blogs that deal with the history of Canada.  If there is an * after the title, I am speaking about a novel, but a novel that has historical value.  If there are two **, the post deals with a battle, one of the battles that lead to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.  

My blogs are now protected by an official copyright, which indicates that they are my intellectual property.  They may be quoted, but the source has to be given.

Yet, it is important for me to provide information to people who are not in a position to seek that information.  The Internet is becoming an important source of information, information one can rely on.  For people who are not able to get out and find this information in libraries, this is marvellous. 

I often think of people whose mobility is impaired.  Why should they be deprived of informative yet entertaining  posts?  They need a presence in their lives as I need the presence of others in my life.   

So here is my Canada list, but it may not be complete.  I may have forgotten a few posts.  But we now have a little bundle, all wrapped up.  However, voyageurs posts are missing, but they will be compiled.  It’s a matter of time. 

The order of this list goes from the more recent post to the oldest.  There is a chronology. 

* * *     

Gabrielle Roy’s Tin Flute
Parliament to the Rescue: the Hidden Solution (modified title)
La Capricieuse & Crémazie’s Old Soldier*
The Rebellion in Upper Canada: Wikipedia’s Gallery
The Act of Union: the Aftermath
The Act of Union 1840-41
Upper & Lower Canada
The Aftermath: Krieghoff’s Quintessential Quebec
The Canadian & his Terroir*
Maria Chapdelaine*
Évangéline & the Literary Homeland (cont’d)*
Évangéline & the Literary Homeland*
La Corriveau: A Legend*
The Aftermath cont’d: Aubert de Gaspé’s Anciens Canadiens*
Nouvelle-France’s Last and Lost Battle: The Battle of the Plains of Abraham**
The Battle of Fort William Henry & Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans**
Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, Marquis de Saint-Veran**
Nouvelle-France’s Seigneurial System
Jacques Cartier, the Mariner
Pierre du Gua: a mostly Forgotten Founder of Canada 
Richelieu & Nouvelle-France
Une Éminence grise: Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu et de Fonsac
Nouvelle-France’s Last and Lost Battle: The Battle of the Plains of Abraham 
The Battle of Fort William Henry & Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans
Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, Marquis de Saint-Veran 
A. J. Casson, The White Pine
Johannes Brahms – Lullaby
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April 29, 2012
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