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 church near Borth y gest Beach Porthmadog

 by Steffan Johnson


Hedge Sparrow

Steffan Johnson (click)
Beethoven: Rondo in C major C-Dur; ut majeur Op. 51. N. 1, Louis Lortie 
please click on title to hear the music) 

My last two blogs have featured artists I discovered through various searches on the internet: Kristiana Pärn and Steffan Johnson. I found Steffan Johnson in the “rising artists” section of Art.com, not Kristiana Pärn whose work I was familiar with. So I thought that before continuing writing the blog in progress, I would stop and praise these rising artists who cannot possibly be making a living from income generated by their art, except reproductions. But their art is affordable, and buying art is still one of the best investments one can make.  However, buy something you like and can enjoy for years.

I will not speak at any length about our singers who are making millions and some billions, singing songs that are often the creation of a composer. I will let them enjoy their fortune, all the more since there are exceptions to every rule. I have applauded the success of Susan Boyle and was delighted to see Adele Adkins receive Grammy awards she deserved.

Many of us cannot afford to buy original artworks, however inexpensive they are. Life is extremely expensive. However most of us we can afford to download a song and even buy a CD.

But how will artists make money?  Buying reproductions may help or purchasing one of a limited number of prints is also a fine way of supplying artists with the money to buy the material they need. As well, having a good manager can be helpful, but hiring a professional is expensive. So, by and large, the situation of these people is a “porte étroite,” André Gide‘s “narrow door,” or Strait is the Gate (1909).

Many books have also become too expensive. I was looking for a very recent book on the fur trade and the voyageurs and also wanted to purchase a collection of old chansons, but I realized that I simply could not afford what was not even luxurious. I am a scholar, a musician and an artist, but was led to retire prematurely.  That story may be told in a forthcoming blog. I am writing a novel in which my main character has faced similar difficulties. I just can’t find an appropriate conclusion.

But for the time being, I am featuring a little-known artist in a blog.  It may not help him, but it will help me.