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Hillary Clinton sworn in as Secretary of State

Under Madame Hillary Clinton’s tenure so far, we are living in an increasingly safer world.  The North Koreans are giving up their nuclear weapons in exchange for food.  In my opinion, this success and your earlier successes make you one of the best if not the best Secretary of State the US has had.  The face of the US has changed.  

I am delighted you accepted President Obama’s offer of serving as the US’s Secretary of State.  President Obama knew you would listen and he knew you were an extraordinary woman. 

As for President Obama, he stands very tall next to would-be presidents.  As a Noble Prize laureate, he came with the best of credentials.  He is a man of peace and vision and he is living up to very high ethical standards, as President, as commander-in-chief, as a husband and as a father. 

One cannot legislate morality to every individual in the nation.  But to provide a good example is perhaps the better option.  The rest is in the hands of every American: honesty, integrity, in short, responsible use of their freedom. 

There is a great irony.  Canadians would be demonstrating if their social programs were taken away from them, but immediately south of Canada, there are individuals who oppose such programs.

At any rate, the wars are over.  There have been health-care reforms.  Bin Laden is dead and terrorism, gasping for air.

You are making the world safer.  The Mounties kept the peace without guns. 

You deserve the next Nobel Peace Prize.  Congratulations.

Department of State

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