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Since I am learning to do new things, such as putting photographs of my paintings in my computer, I thought I would blog about it.

Painting flowers and so-called “nature morte” are my personal favourites as an artist, but lately my main artistic activity has been to recite the names of the various colours contained in the little tubes of paint.

I realize it is difficult to tell, but the above painting shows hibiscus flowers. For me flowers are like an idea which I develop.

Technically, this is a watercolour painting with little touches of tempera.  I used heavy acid-free “paper.”  In fact, the paper is cotton.

Short of a name, this small painting has a number: 186, given by the camera.

So let this be a very short blog.  I hope you enjoy the painting.

JEAN RONDEAU records Vertigo (Royer)

© Micheline Walker
26 February 2012