Composition florale

Last night, I received a magnificent gift from WordPress.  It was delightful and I felt honoured.

Therefore, my first endeavour today is to thank WordPress not only for thinking of me but for making me feel I belonged to a caring group whose members would take the time to put together a splendid annual report on a team member.

One does not write in a void.  I have ideas to express and a little information to share, but I also have the privilege of doing so before a select audience, you, whom I wish to entertain a little and who have the right to expect the best I can give.  I want my readers to enjoy what I am writing even if, at times, I think I am still in a classroom, teaching.

Let every word I say be not only informative, but enjoyable.  It gives me great pleasure to write and greater pleasure to know that my readers enjoy the topics I discuss, the words I use, the pictures I choose to illustrate my content, the layout of the page, the colours, the length of the paragraphs, everything.

Every blog has to be like a gift, nicely wrapped and prepared by a loving heart who respects every person reading her frequent blogs and wants to bring to everyone a little sunshine and a smile.

So, I thank WordPress for making it possible for me to publish blogs.  And I thank my readers whom I have grown to love.  I needed both WordPress and fine readers and I have not been disappointed.  You have been there for me since July and I hope I have been there for you.

I thank you sincerely for the encouraging comments you have sent.  It is not possible to reply to all of your messages.  In order to do so, I would have to stop blogging.  So allow me to thank all and each one of you.

Just imagine.  Together:  WordPress, its writers, its readers, we are giving the internet a more human dimension.  We are making it a little more personal.

I thank WordPress once again and I thank all of you.  May the New Year be generous to you and to those you love and love you.

* * *

January 1, 2012