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Belaud in black and white

My computer needs adjustments.  According to my cat Belaud, the problem is with the mouse.  The mouse is making the cursor move around rapidly and erase entire paragraphs.  I will call a computer specialist.

Moreover, according to Belaud, there is a degree of rivalry between my computer and WordPress.  Both have a mind of their own.  Belaud tells me that WordPress saves my drafts and when the time comes to push the button, the publish button, it has to make a choice between drafts and leaves drafts behind.  I try to log out, but a window pops up informing me not to “leave this page.”  So I edit the page, in the belief that something has gone wrong.

* * *

Belaud the cat tells me not to worry.  If I take action prematurely, says he, there could be dire consequences.  He suggests a diplomatic approach to solving this problem and  also warns never to publish a text in the evening.  Belaud informs me that evenings are to be dedicated to household pets and to rest.  Besides he reminds me that I am, at the best of times, a very tired person and should wait until morning before doing anything as drastic as clicking on a publish button.

This is, of course, cheap psychology on Belaud’s part, but given his noble origins and assertive personality, I cannot ignore his caveats.  But I believe he is going too far by stating that I am “in denial.”  I have told him that it isn’t denial but perseverance and a wish to belong.

* * *

At any rate, I will, at some later point, insert the word Camerata in my last blog, but for the time being, I am being sent to the dog house to reflect on the human condition in general and my fallability in particular.

I will therefore call a computer specialist and then serve my sentence: twenty-four hours in the dog house.  But I will rise again.

Take good care of yourselves.

Byzantine motif

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December 28, 2011