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Since the 2010 mid-term elections, Tea Party members and hardline Republicans have systematically opposed all proposals brought forth by the current President of the United States, President Barack Obama, and his administration.  That is called obstructionism, and it is a very ugly practice.


Moreover, since the 2010 mid-term elections, Tea Party members and hardline Republicans have also, and systematically, blamed the President and his administration for not doing what they, i.e. Tea Party Members and hardline Republicans, are systematically preventing him from doing.  That is called scapegoating, and it is also a very ugly practice.

Distortion of reality

As things stand, President Obama and his administration are even being blamed for the debt caused by the two unfunded wars authorized by the Bush administration, a Republican administration.  The former President (R) and his administration are the ones who engaged into two wars, gave tax-cuts to the affluent and incurred a huge debt.  Not to mention that these wars, unnecessary wars, caused the maiming, the death and the disorientation of thousands of young lives.

After 9/11, America had to hunt down Bin Laden.  All that was required was intelligence work and well-trained commandos.  This is how Bin Laden was found, under a Democratic administration.


Given the above, I would like to ask not that a former Republican President and his administration be crucified, but that Americans remember the facts.  By the same token, I would also like to ask that Americans stop throwing stones at a Democratic administration that did not incur the debt now bedeviling the United States and destabilizing global markets.

President Bill Clinton:  his legacy

When President Bill Clinton left office, Americans had a substantial financial surplus.  In fact, America was rich.

Consequences:  America was near bankruptcy

However, because the former President Bush declared two unjustified wars and gave tax-cuts to the affluent, the former President spent the funds the United Sates needed to remain a prosperous country.  President Bush (R) may have had the best of intentions when he went into Afghanistan and then entered Iraq, a sovereign nation, but he acted blindly and irresponsibly.  He took money from less affluent Americans until the bubble burst.

The Bubble burst

Yes, the bubble burst.  This happened in the late summer and early autumn of 2008.  Having been apprised that the ship was sinking, President Bush went to the Democratic Party, told that the United States was no longer solvent, and asks for assistance on the part of the Democrats.  The Democrats agreed to prevent the collapse of both the US economy and the economies of its financial partners.

The Mid-Term Elections: robots are voted into office

After President Obama and his administration were voted into office, a shockingly unqualified Sarah Palin started sabotaging the work of President Obama and his administration.  She was not alone; she had helpers.  She opposed health-care reforms claiming that big government would kill grandmothers, etc.

Birth of the Tea Party

Out of Sarah Palin’s ill-conceived speeches and the support of mindless and irresponsible politicians, grew the Tea Party.  After the mid-term elections of 2010, members of the Tea Party and hardline Republicans suddenly found themselves in a position that prevented not only a reasonable, but also a sane discussion of issues facing the US.


With all due respect, those members of Congress voted into office in 2010 are robots that have been programmed to say “no” to any action President Obama presents to save America.

As you know, robots do not think.  They are programmed and the ones I am speaking of have been programmed to say “no” systematically to any action proposed by President Obama and his administration.

Saving America

Saving America begins with making sure Americans have jobs.  Too large of chunk of American products are manufactured by people who will accept a very small income.  Consequently, too may products are manufactured abroad.  And, to make matters worse,

  • the robots in Congress will vote against any package that would stimulate the growth of jobs.  Tea Party members and hardline Republicans are saying “no.”


Therefore, I would ask

  • that Americans stop blaming President Obama and his administration for a debt he and his administration did not incur.

And I would also ask

  • that Americans support President Obama in his attempt to help his nation.


It short, I am seeing bad faith, amnesia, various forms of extremism, ignorance of societal needs, frequent instances of inhumanity, blindness, pig-headedness and the tail end of racism.  Sorry, but the job, i.e. the Presidency, goes and should go, to the person best qualified to perform the required duties.  Unfortunately, there have been too many exceptions to this fundamental requirement:  competence.

If the Republican Congress will not provide President Obama with the funds he and his administration require to create jobs, I’m sorry but, between obstructionism and scapegoating, the narrative is over.  The consequences will be an economic depression so profound and so broad, it will hurt everyone including Tea Party members, hardline Republicans and, eventually, those who fund their campaigns.

Stop the robots or face the consequences.

The End

© Micheline Walker
November 7, 2011