I must travel to the wedding of a very dear friend and will therefore be absent until next Tuesday.  So, there will be no blogs for a few days.  However, I look forward to getting back home and writing.

By the way, I reread the blog I thought was too detailed.  Well, that blog is fine.  It provides a good outline for a part of beast literature.  There are times when I underestimate myself.  I have done so for decades.

So enjoy my little offerings.  They are, at times, somewhat “educational.”  Obviously, I must think I am still in my classroom, enjoying the material I taught.  You’ve no idea how pleasant teaching can be.

Yesterday, I opened a “box.”  Had I been Psyche, it would have put me in a very deep sleep.  But the box was metamorphism.  

Metamorphism is an exceptionally rich topic.  But few works are as funny as Apuleius’s Golden Ass.  I read it a few years ago and could not believe I was in ancient Rome.  However, the book definitely took me elsewhere.  That is what good stories do.

I look forward to further blogs and hope the next few days will bring you all kinds of happy moments.

Many thanks to all these persons who write to me.  You are all very kind.

* * *

November 3, 2011