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La Guirlande de Julie (Photo credit: Google Images)

I would like to congratulate President Obama and, particularly, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for putting the US back on the map as a country deserving admiration.  The current rapprochement between the US and countries located in the Middle East bodes well for the future.  Back in 2008, I did not think so much progress could be made in so little time.

Unfortunately, there are problems within the United States, problems I deplore because they amount to plain and rather ugly obstructionism.  Tea Party members and hardline Republicans seem to be saying no for the sake of saying no, not taking into consideration the needs of the nation.

Can they not see that people need jobs and that in order to create jobs one has to invest.  Investing and spending are two different entities.  Put America to work.  Do not force people to wait nervously for the next and insufficient unemployment cheque to come.  Not only do people have to put food on the table, but they must also educate their children and feel that they are fully-fledged citizens of a country they love.

And do not let selfish politicians impede action on the part of the administration only to turn around and blame the current administration for not doing what they, selfish politicians, have prevented the administration from doing.  Sabotage is no way of conducting a campaign.  Could it be that they have no other recourse?

Under Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, the nobility did not pay taxes.  The poor did.  I need not mention the consequences.


26 October 2011