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This morning, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reported that New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie had been criticized for over-protecting (my wording) his constituents. Governor Christie responded to this criticism by stating that he had simply served the people of New Jersey, which is his duty as Governor.

As it turned out, the storm was less devastating in New Jersey than had been originally envisaged. But Governor Christie had no way of knowing this would be the case. Satellites can follow a storm and meteorologists can make certain predictions, but storms have a mind of their own.  What if Irene had intensified and killed citizens of New Jersey? Would we be hearing from the same people that Governor Christie had not protected his constituents sufficiently?

Once again, stones were being thrown at “Big Government.” It was not the big government in Washington, but it was government. The truth is that the citizens of New Jersey were well served. They were treated with dignity and should rejoice that the damage was not as extensive as was expected.

In my opinion, the naysayers of New Jersey had no business criticizing Governor Christie. These remarks resemble the criticism directed at the élite Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden. A guilty finger was pointed at them because they shot a man who was unarmed. Wait a minute.  Was anyone expecting an aristocratic duel?

Prudence is a virtue.  It would seem appropriate to thank Governor Christie and all elected officials who exercised vigilance as Irene approached, thus protecting human lives:  your life!