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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria is absolutely right.  The damage has already been done.

It’s a matter of confidence.   We have watched Republicans dither as America sits on the brink of a disaster that will also harm other countries.

I see hypocrisy, not to mention amnesia.  A Republican administration let the rich get away with paying little, if any, taxes and then created two wars.  They ran up a staggering bill.  So, on what grounds can they dither, creating a crisis, when they are the ones who failed to keep a balanced budget?

Indeed, the damage has been done.  The Republicans are creating uncertainty, thereby destabilizing global markets and worrying innocent citizens, some of whom are disabled soldiers, veterans of Bush’s wars.  If the fools among Republicans do not come to their senses, there will be greater hardship at a time when the nation was beginning to mend and to gain greater respect among nations.

Elected representatives who are senseless and insensitive should be driven out of Washington.  Moreover, it may be necessary to require that future candidates present their credentials before they run for office.  Washington does not need  incompetent decision makers and lawmakers.

Just in case, my reader doesn’t know, Congress has raised the debt ceiling seventy-seven times, mostly unnoticed.   So why should things be different?   Of all abominations, President Obama’s ratings are going down.  Yet President Obama is not to blame.

In other words, stop bickering, raise the debt ceiling and, if you are a senseless Republican, leave office promptly.   In the eyes of those who want Americans to live in a just society, a society that can be trusted, you cannot possibly disappear fast enough.  You are the “big government” you attack in an effort to blind people.

There are a lot of very competent Americans, Americans who put nation ahead of petty ambitions.  One of them is President Obama.   Don’t give it a thought, you can be replaced.

So raise the debt ceiling and contain the damage.