How is it that Americans voted in individuals, i. e. Republicans, who are now hindering the very survival of their nation?  Look at them.  They are still politicking as the ship sinks and companies are taking their business elsewhere.

The world rejoiced when Americans elected as President a person who was intellectually prepared to face and fix the mess left behind by the previous administration and a person who was sensitive to the needs of the poor and of the rapidly vanishing middle-class.  Yet, no sooner was Obama in office that a group of US citizens started to listen to the likes of Sarah Palin and joined the Tea party.

Let us be realistic.  President Obama is not asking Congress to raise America’s debt ceiling so that he and fellow Democrats can put money in the pockets of the rich.  This is what someone else did.   If President Obama is asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling, it is because America is about to drown and injure others in the process.  The current economy is a global economy.

In short, if Congress does not raise America’s debt ceiling, it remains my opinion that President Obama should issue an executive order that will save the US economy. He would be doing you and us a great favour.  However, I am inclined to think that many do not deserve such a favour and that the world should henceforth distrust the “greatest nation on earth.”